Thematic lecture on the topic: “The great poet of his time”

On December 15, in honor of the 220th anniversary of the birth of the poet Dulat Babataevich, Professor M.H. Khamzin held an informative lecture on the topic “Zamanynyn or tulgaly akyny” for students of educational programs of the Kazakh language and literature.

During the lecture, the professor touched upon several topical issues, that

his works reflect the reality of that time: social injustice in the Kazakh steppe, the hard life of various strata of the nomadic people, the consequences of the colonization policy of Russian tsarism (the khanate was liquidated, power was transferred to the senior sultans and volost rulers).

This year marks the 220th anniversary of the birth of Dulat Babataevich, a major representative of the famous akyns of the Khan era, whom M. Auezov called “the poets of Zar Zaman”. Having sung the traditions of Zhyrau poetry, he worked especially in the poetic sphere: he wrote works ” “Suleimenu”, “Oh, Barak Zhas, Barak Zhas”,” Tegimdi menin surasan”, Zhapanga bitken zhantakty ”, etc.

Unlike other Kazakh poets of this period, Dulat is stronger and more sharply exposes the vices of modern society. A person with a variety of his positive and negative traits acts as the main core of almost all the works of the poet-thinker. Against this general background, he makes an attempt to create a kind of standard of the moral and psychological appearance of the people of his time.

Dulat is one of the strongest Kazakh akyns who passed before Abai. It should be recognized as a bridge connecting the oral language of the poet-zhyrau and the written literary language headed by the great Abai.

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