The second meeting of the scientific group of Philology Island

Autumn melancholy is canceled, because now is the time…

  • Wrap yourself in a blanket and watch your favorite movie in the original,
  • Take up learning a foreign language again (how is your German/French?),
  • Pour hot tea and immerse yourself in a book, and you can go to Philology Island to learn useful skull and discuss your favorite works! ⠀.

That’s how our members of the Philology Island club spent their Friday night on October 30, 2020.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to science. Anna Kalizhanova, a senior lecturer of FL and IC department, held a seminar on writing a scientific article. During the seminar, participants learned the structure of the article, how to work with sources, the design of links and many life chances of scientific research.

About literature.

In the course of the analysis of L. Petrushevskaya’s story “Otadoya” the participants got acquainted with an entertaining writing method of the implemented metaphor. Sometimes the author can make fun of his reader, leaving the meaning on the surface, not between lines. The final stage of the meeting was to discuss favorite works and make a list of MUST READ by Philology Island.

We would like to thank Anna Kalizhanova, Taisia Maryshkina, Taisiya Vladimirovna, Bayan Turabekovna Rakhimbayeva for participation in the meeting of the circle of students of our Academy, as well as senior lecturers of the Department of FL and IC: Kalizhanova Anna Nikolaevna, Taisiya Maryshkina, Bayan Turabekovna Rakhimbaeva!

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