Test access to Grebennikon EB

Electronic Library of “Grebennikon Publishing House”; Grebennikon we inform you that free test access to the electronic library of Grebennikon is connected for our Academy till March 31 – 2020.

In the free test mode you can read articles, watch videos without the possibility of copying, downloading, printing etc.).

Information about connection to the resource (digital library of Grebennikov Publishing House; Grebennikon) is also available at


First of all, go to http://grebennikon.ru. The system defines the organization by IP address (in the top right upper corner there is the name of the academy).  Then, as an example, you can go to the section “Publications”, i.e. magazines (in the upper right corner, see the link  https://grebennikon.ru/journal.php).  

Choose – again, as an example, the magazine “Marketing and Marketing Research”, third issue for 2019 (https://grebennikon.ru/journal-3.html#volume2019-3).  

Go to the article “Changes in sustainable consumer behaviour” (https://grebennikon.ru/article-t59y.html).  Click “to read”.

You can read all articles, all materials, etc.  Each article so far. We enter the article, click “read”, then we see that for each article all pages are available for reading (that is – 9 out of 9 pages are “readable”, 10 out of 10 pages are “readable”, 14 out of 14 pages are “readable”, etc.). 

THE ARTICLES IN THE FREE TEST ACCESS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY IN READ (VIEW) MODE.      There is no limit on the number of open articles, on simultaneous access of several users to the site  http://grebennikon.ru

Materials can be searched by magazines, headings, subheadings as well as by titles / parts of titles. For example, in the search line at  http://grebennikon.ru  you can manually enter “AUDIT BRAND”, click “Find ARTICLE” – and the search for materials on a given subject will be presented.

The list of magazines included in “Grebennikon” EB:

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