Successful completion of internship IN 17-1,2

The quality of training of young professionals in higher education institutions is directly dependent on the depth of knowledge acquired by students during the theoretical course of study, practicing and consolidation of practical skills.

The industrial practice is an obligatory component of the educational process, which is necessary to prepare qualified employees, who are well-versed not only in the theory of the field, but also in the realities of everyday work. This stage of education is usually carried out outside the university – on the basis of institutions corresponding to the future specialty of the student.

The knowledge obtained at university is a kind of tool, and it is up to the graduate to decide how to handle it. This is the necessary foundation, on which later the knowledge of the main specialty “will be put” as bricks. Consequently, the internship is a great opportunity to gain experience in shaping professional competencies for the future teacher.

Therefore, we, students of 4-year specialty “foreign language: two foreign languages” want to give you the results of the work of accumulated for 4 years of training in Bolashak.

Feedback on the passed industrial practice:

“In general, the industrial practice was successful. Thanks to support from supervisors of practice from faculty and school, there were no problems. At the end of practice I once again made sure that I had made the right choice in the direction of my specialty. Fulfilling the goals and objectives set at the beginning, I was lucky enough to get invaluable experience in teaching. The necessary skills were acquired. Uncertainty about some things would go away over time. I was able to put into practice my knowledge not only in terms of language learning, but also in terms of methodology and the various resources I received at the Academy. All the same, a teacher is a calling, and I am very grateful to the organizers of practice from our university and Gymnasium 45, for the opportunity to try myself as a teacher, and to cast aside all doubts that I was not mistaken in combining my two passions in life, learning languages and teaching.”

Budikova Zhansaya IN 17-2

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Bolatbekova Kumis, IN 17-2

“The practice has been done by 3 and 4 students of the 3rd and 4th grades, and the 3rd and 4th grades have been done by a sabbatical. 3 and 4 will not work if you do not use the device for a long time. This will cause the device to fail to work properly. When using the device with a boycott function, make sure that the device is not damaged in any way, and that it is not damaged in any way. If you are an educator, please take care of the material and technical base, the pedagogical equipment, and the device and equipment that will be used for the purpose of teaching. If the device is not used for an extended period of time, it may cause damage to the device and the device’s mental state, the device’s physical properties, and the device’s physical properties may cause damage to the device’s physical properties and the device’s physical properties to become unstable.

Aida Berlibekova, IN 17-2

“It is very difficult to cross this line, when from the category of students you go to the category of teachers and twenty pairs of eyes, thirsty for knowledge and new discoveries, stare at you. Being aware of your responsibility before your students you are afraid to be confused and say something wrong. Of course, there were mistakes. Yes, and without them – because we learn from mistakes. Moreover, the lesson was held in an online format, which was also a kind of challenge and innovation in modern domestic education. Despite this, I was able to do and show my creativity, using interesting resources, online games, quizzes, etc.”

Turakova Madina, IN 17-1

From student feedback:

“Madina Amantaevna, we liked your lessons very much, as you present information in an interesting way so that it was easier and more interesting for us as well. I liked the way we read texts, took tests, studied pictures, and most importantly, when we did the tasks with creativity.”

Anastasia Evgenyevna is a kind, always understanding person. At her lessons she knows how to create an atmosphere of kindness and understanding, strict discipline neighbors with a friendly attitude of the teacher to her students. Thank you for the atmospheric English lessons.

Thank you to Bolashaq Academy for the opportunity to visit the internship and to apply the acquired knowledge. We also thank the teachers for their invaluable assistance in the internship, professionalism and pedagogical skills. We hope that the practice will be of great benefit and the next generations of students, and cooperation Academy “Bolashaq” and training centers will develop in the future.
Students of group IN 17-1,2

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