Students’ presentation at the International Student Conference

Annually on the basis of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia named after Patrice Lumumba (Moscow) an international interuniversity student scientific and practical conference “Culture of scientific and professional-business communication” is being held, dedicated to topical issues of communication in the modern speech information environment; traditions and innovations in professional-business communication; discursive strategies of professional-business communication; issues of the relationship of language, history, culture; issues of public speaking art; issues of intercultural communication. The conference is held in Russian in an online format, so students and postgraduates from the farthest corners of the world take part in its work.

The head of the Humane Pedagogy Club of the Bolashaq Academy – Ph.D. Bokizhanova Galiya Kaskarbekovna – an active member of the organizing committee of the conference, proposed to attract students of the specialty “Pharmacy” to participate in the XXVII conference. Galiya Kaskarbekovna herself and her students have participated more than once.

Students of the Fm-19-1 group, Nadezhda Cheller and Natalia Tupitsyna (supervisor: PhD Kurbanova G.D.) successfully delivered their report “Gluten: benefits and harms”.

Here are the impressions of our participants: the head of Kurbanova G.D.: “At first, when I invited the students to speak, at first they resisted, because of fears, of course, because they had the material for the speech, but then, after all, they agreed. Before the performance, we were all worried, the fear of the possibility of technical failures was added, Galiya Kaskarbekovna supported us. The atmosphere of the conference is very friendly. The result inspired further achievements, and the girls did not regret it, because they got a good experience and the conviction that they can adequately represent themselves and our university in front of the largest audience.”

Natasha Tupitsyna: “Before the conference, I was very worried, but while listening to other students and teachers, the excitement gradually receded. In addition, I was confident in my topic, and as a result of my speech, I can say that participation in conferences is what every student should go through to get an unforgettable experience and additional knowledge.”

And now the girls are planning to speak at the next conference in April 2023, each with their own report!

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