Students can receive 42500 tenge

Labour and Social Protection Minister Birzhan Nurymbetov said in which case students can receive 42,500 tenge, reports

“Students are adult citizens of our country. You can work in our country under the Labor Code from the age of 16. Regardless of whether he receives a scholarship or not, we will not look at it. They can work, no one forbids them to work. Most young people, students, do this, work officially or work unofficially, work in restaurants as salesmen, pizza dealers, any job,” the Labour Minister said at a briefing.

The payment procedure and conditions for students are the same as for other Kazakhstanis, he said.
“Therefore, for you students, the order is the same as for everyone else. So you decide for yourself today. If you earned money before the emergency, then you lost it, it means you have a moral right. For you paid social contributions, or you have now paid a single cumulative payment as informally employed, it means that you already have a legal right. So you can file,” he explained.

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