Solving personal problems through societal decay or corruption in everyday life

Domestic corruption is a type of corruption that we constantly encounter in everyday life. Through the use of workarounds, in the form of existing laws, rules and regulations, everything looks supposedly legal. In this way, small amounts of money influence the resolution of the most mundane issues. This includes bribery in hospitals, schools, local licensing authorities, police and tax authorities.

Gratitude expressed in a gift or envelope of money is no longer perceived by many of us as a bribe, but rather as a kind of obligatory ritual and attribute of the relationship. What is it customary to thank us for? Strangely enough, for almost everything. And not only the recipient is offended by the absence of gratitude, but also the “asker” feels uncomfortable if he has not “prepared” in advance.

Corruption crimes are very difficult to prove, since unlike other offenses, there is no specific victim who could divulge the secret of the crime with impunity. Thus, corruption is detrimental to society as a whole.

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