Section No. 3: Contemporary Linguistic Situation in a Multilingual World

On April 26, 2024, the International Scientific and Practical Conference on “Science and Education in the Modern World” was held at the Bolashaq Academy. The event brought together leading scientists, educators, researchers, and practitioners to discuss pressing issues in various fields of science and education.

Multifaceted Discussion

The conference featured a multifaceted discussion covering a wide range of topics related to various fields of science and education. Participants actively engaged in discussions about the latest advancements and trends in the natural, social, and humanities sciences, as well as innovations and best practices in the educational process.

Integration of knowledge and experience

The conference served as a platform for the integration of knowledge and experience, facilitating the exchange of ideas, expertise, and insights among scholars from different countries and disciplines. Participants presented their research findings, engaged in discussions, and formulated recommendations for the advancement of science and education in the modern world.

In Section 3, “Contemporary Linguistic Situation in a Multilingual World,” diverse presentations and research were showcased, focusing on the role of youth in addressing global issues. Participants actively exchanged ideas and engaged in discussions, contributing to the expansion of scientific dialogue and knowledge enrichment.

Four out of seven participants attended the sectional session. The works presented by the participants were highly interesting and covered global themes. All presentations were heard, and the best works were identified and highly appreciated. Senior lecturers and masters of pedagogical sciences from the Department of Foreign Languages and Multilingual Education, Madina Kabbasovna Abdresheva and Altynai Bolatkizy Abilzhan, were awarded letters of appreciation for their contributions to enriching scientific dialogue and advancing education.

Significance of the event

The International Conference at the Bolashaq Academy had a significant impact on the development of the scientific and educational community. Discussions on various aspects of science and education contributed to expanding the horizons of knowledge and exploring new pathways for progress in the modern world.

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