Since 2002 the Academy “Bolashaq” annually holds the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Science and Education in the Modern World”.

This year the conference was held on April 29, 2022 and was held in offline and online formats.

Traditionally, we work with our permanent partners from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Belarus etc. in the organisation and holding of the conference.

Co-organisers of the conference in the framework of cooperation agreements were:

Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey
Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Khakass State University named after N.F. Katanov” in Almaty, Russia. N.F. Katanov State University, Abakan, Russia
St. Petersburg Institute of Law, St. Petersburg, Russia
Orsk Institute of Humanitarian Technology (branch) OGU Orsk, Russian Federation
Kurgan State University, Kurgan, Russia
Kremenchug National University n.a. M. Ostrogradsky, Vologda, Russia M. Ostrogradsky National University, Ukraine
Institute of Russian Language of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship University Moscow, Russia.
Papers from Kazakhstan were presented by the following leading universities and colleges of our country:
190 papers were submitted to the organizing committee of the conference, whose materials are now in Pdf-format and have been duplicated in two volumes. 92 papers from the Academy and 98 papers from other universities and organizations of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad.

Reports from Kazakhstan presented works from leading universities and colleges of our country:

Astana International University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Al0Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty Kazakhstan
Karaganda Medical University, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
Buketov Karaganda University, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
Sagimov Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
Beyssenov Karaganda Academy, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
Karaganda Economic University Kazpotrebsoyuz, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University, Kokshetau, Republic of Kazakhstan
Ualikhanov Kokshetau University
Pedagogical college of Astana International University, Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan
Works with subsequent practicing organizations were presented:

KSCP “Palace of schoolchildren” Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
Nursery-garden “Balapan”, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
Nursery-garden “Akerke” Karaganda region, Zhanaarkinsky district
Ermekov reference boarding school (resource center) mini-center Karaganda region.Shetsky district.Akadyr settlement
KSU Mynbayev School, Karaganda, Nurinsky district, Republic of Kazakhstan
KSCP “Palace of Students” Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
KSU “School-Lyceum No. 19”. Karaganda region, Satpayev, Republic of Kazakhstan
Daryn specialized boarding school, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
Evening School No. 100, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
KSU Al-Farabi State School, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
KSU “Complex School-Nursery Tansholpan”, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan

После пленарного заседания началась работа секций по следующим направлениям:

  • Секции 1. Актуальные проблемы юридической науки и правоприменительной практики.
  • Секции 2 Развитие финансовой системы в современной экономике.
  • Секции 3. Современная языковая ситуация в полиязычном мире.
  • Секции 4. Новые направления в языкознании и национальной литературе.
  • Секция 5. Современные научные исследования: актуальные вопросы, достижения и инновации.
  • Секция 6. Педагогика и психология: актуальные проблемы и тенденции развития
  • Секция 7. Актуальные проблемы развития социально-гуманитарных наук
  • Секция 8. Современные аспекты биологии, медицины и фармации.

Мы искренне признательны всем, кто принял участие и поддержал нашу конференцию. Мы благодарны тем, кто принимает участие в нашей конференции

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