Round table to discuss the draft Environmental Code of the RK

On November 27, 2020 at the Department of Legal Disciplines of the Academy “Bolashaq” a round table was held to discuss the Draft Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (using Teams software).

The round table was attended by the teaching staff of the Department and students of the Academy.

The head of the Department of Legal Disciplines Candidate of Jurisprudence, Professor A.T. Kabzhanov made an opening speech.

K.K. Sadykova, Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Disciplines, made a substantial report and presentation. The lecturer focused on the main innovations in the draft Environmental Code, the main issues of rationing, environmental quality indicators for all regions, strategic environmental assessment in various sectors of the economy, reforming approaches to EIA, issuance of environmental permits, determination of emission standards, real-time data transmission and many other issues, taking into account the positive experience of the Department of Legal Disciplines.

Senior lecturer Kopzhasarova S.I. spoke about the need for more careful consideration of issues related to the organization of professional development of environmental specialists, the introduction of a system of professional development, taking into account the sectoral characteristics of the economy of Kazakhstan and the creation of centres for independent certification of specialists, enterprises and laboratories to monitor environmental quality. This proposal was supported by the round table participants.

A.K. Akhmetova, senior lecturer of the department, made a presentation.

In her speech, she noted that, unfortunately, there is an increase in environmental violations and damage to nature is growing.

During her speeches the issues of quality of public hearings organization, insufficient role of the public in environmental protection issues, quality collection of information and, consequently, making more effective decisions, balance between the interests of environmentalists and business, efficiency of investments in environmental protection measures, their impact on the financial performance of enterprises and business in general, were repeatedly raised.

The round table participants were informed that more active discussion of the draft Environmental Code will soon begin on the basis of full consideration of the opinions of the public, associations and experts in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

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