Round table dedicated to the 95th anniversary of Sh. Sarybayev

Ibraeva Bayan Mukushevna Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor:

On March 2, 2021 my teacher, my scientific adviser celebrated his 95th anniversary. He lived 92 years and worked fruitfully all these years. A major scholar in the field of dialectology and lexicography, he also dealt with topics that interested him. He collected and published collections on soccer, folk medicine, anecdotes, and more. It was interesting with him, it seemed to me that he knew the answers to any questions.

The scientific community of Kazakhstan and the children of Shory Shamgalievich Sarybayev organized a round table.

On March 31, 2021 126 scientists from different corners of Kazakhstan took part in the discussion of topics, which were dealt with academician Sh.S.Sarybayev. It is amazing, how this scientist was ahead of his time. The topics he researched are still relevant today.

From the Academy “Bolashaq” the head of the Kazakh language and literature department, Ph.D. professor Sembiev K.Z. took part in the work of the round table.

The atmosphere was amazing: many told unknown to the general public facts. It turned out that the academician Sarybayev Sh. had been fired for not giving up his point of view.

Thanks to all of the organizers for the opportunity to talk to each other and pay tribute to Shore Shamgalievich Sarybaev, a real scientist and interesting person.

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