Pre-diploma defense work of 4th year students of the educational program “Kazakh Language and Literature”

On April 9, 4th year students of the educational program “Kazakh Language and Literature” passed the stage of pre-diploma defense. Students of the graduating group presented their prepared works based on the graduation topics they had studied since September of the current academic year, some even from the last academic year.

The pre-diploma defense ceremony was attended by the teaching staff of the department of Kazakh language and literature (thesis supervisors), who assessed the compliance of the theses prepared by each student within the framework of the approved topic with regulatory requirements, the content and nature of the disclosure of the actual problem pursued in the research, the quality of the source fund , the registration procedure in general, they asked additional questions.

From the answers, the given facts and their own conclusions, it was clear that the students most fully mastered the subject topics prepared for the research work. Much of the scientific literature used was new, contained as much subsequent research and opinion in linguistics and literature as possible, and supported scientific conclusions. In a word, the level of writing theses pleased the teachers.

However, it should be noted that for some works there were separate proposals from teachers. Such proposals do not infringe on the content of the thesis and have the opportunity and time to be finalized before defense before a special commission. Taking this into account, the teaching staff unanimously decided to send all students’ theses for defense.

We wish success to the students of the graduating group of the educational program “Kazakh Language and Literature”!

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