Results of the Booktrailers Competition

The results of the booktrailers competition held as part of the state program “Rukhani Zhangyru” in the direction of “New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 new textbooks in Kazakh language.”

The competition was organized by the Council of Young Scientists, the youth association “1%” and Rukhaniyat Research Center.

Aims and objectives of the Contest:

– Popularization of books and reading among students of Bolashaq Academy by means of creation of book-breakers.

– Creating an attractive image and image of textbooks;

– Creating new information resources to promote books and reading among students;

– Supporting creative forms of initiation to reading among young people.

A book trailer is a small video clip based on the book.

Its main task is to tell about the book, to interest and intrigue the reader. Video, illustrations, photos are used to create a book trailer.

Students of all academic programs of Bolashaq Academy took part in the contest and provided individual and collective works. 

The jury of the contest included T.P. Smolkina, Vice Rector for Science and International Cooperation, B.T. Akhmetova, Vice Rector for Social and Education Affairs, director of Rukhaniyat Research Center, evaluated the winners. A.U. Aupenova, head of the department of general disciplines, E.B. Kasenov, chairman of the Council of Young Scientists, K.T. Ibrakhimova and chairman of the youth association 1% R.R. Akhmaltdinov.  

The jury in its work was guided by the Competition Regulations and evaluated the works according to the following criteria: completeness and depth of the theme disclosure; originality of the theme disclosure; technical implementation of the work and determined the winners by voting. 

The Grand Prix of the contest was awarded to the “Love and Wisdom” book trailer by the student of the PIP 19-1 group D. Nazarova and the student of the PMNO 19-1 group V. Shabanova according to the book THOMAS P. KASULIS “ENGAGING JAPANESE PHILOSOPHY: A SHORT HISTORY”.

I place – book trailer of student of group IN-19-1 Taimazova S. from the book by David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson “Film Art: An Introduction”. 

The second place was taken by K. Perepechkina, a student of the group PIP 19-1, and L. Zhampeisova, a student of the group DOV 19-1. The cambridge history of World Music Edited by Philip V. Bohlman.

The third place is taken by E. Golovina, a student of the PIP 19-1 group, from the textbook “Til Instinct” by Pinker Stephen.

For active participation in the competition was marked by A.N. Islyambek, A.N. Aitbekova, who is a student of the group FM 18-5, according to the book by Bauyrzhan Момышұлы “Ushkan uiya”.

Congratulations to the winners and nominees of the contest.

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