Regional Master’s Scientific and Practical Conference “Master’s Readings – 2021”: collection of the conference

March 19, 2021 on the basis of the Academy “Bolashaq” on the Zoom platform a regional scientific on-line conference of undergraduates, doctoral students and young scientists “Master Readings – 2021” was held.

Welcoming remarks were made by: the Rector of the Academy c.f.s., Professor K.N. Menlibayev, the Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation, c.i.s., Associate Professor H.K. Urazbayev, the head of the postgraduate education department c.j.s., Professor E.E. Serimov, Deputy Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee Chairman of the Young Scientists Council, teacher of the Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Department, Master K.T. Ibrahimova.

The conference languages were Kazakh, Russian, and English.

A total of 41 reports were announced, including:

Departments: UD-13: Finance-12: PiP-9: Kaz.yaz.-4: In.yaz-3:

At the plenary session spoke:

  1. Nurtas D.U. “S.J. Otepov, professor A. İtepov S.J., Kazakstan academy, Karagandy,
  2. Mankaeva M.M. “Bolashaq” Academy, Karaganda, the Republic of Kazakhstan Supervisor: Doctor of Law, Professor Nurgaliev B.M. UNDERSTANDING CIDENTIAL JURISDICTION IN NORTHERN COUNTRIES
  3. Fedorchuk E.A. “Bolashaq Academy”, Karaganda, Kazakhstan Supervisor of studies: candidate of economic sciences, professor Daribekova A.S. STATE FINANCIAL CONTROL IN KAZAKHSTAN
  4. Tusupkhanova B.A. “Bolashag” Academy, Qaragandy, Kazakhstan Republic
  5. Adambekova G.G. “Bolashaq” Academy, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan supervisor Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of International Academy of Informatization Abilkasimova G. PSYCHOLOGICAL ADAPTATION OF YOUNG SPECIALISTS IN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS
  6. Amanbaeva D.S. “Volashaq” academy, Karagandy, Kazakhstan Republic

Serikov T.S., Orazgalieva G.Z. E. A. Buketov KSU

  1. Serdalinova S.H. Academy “Bolashaq”, Temirtau, the Republic of Kazakhstan Supervisor: Professor B.M. Ibraeva, PhD in Philosophy, ASSESSMENT OF REMOTE LEARNING OF LANGUAGE LANGUAGE.

After all the lectures were listened to, all the speakers in the plenary session were given letters of appreciation from the organizational committee of the conference.

The final part of the plenary session were handing out diplomas and prizes to the participants of the internal university research projects competition. The results are presented on a separate news page.

The sectional meetings of the conference began at 14.00 and also were very active. The work of the sections was held according to the following directions:

  1. Prospects for the development of legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (section 1)
  2. Problems of the financial system and increasing the competitiveness of the national economy. (section 2)
  3. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of the developing personality. (section 3)
  4. Kazakh Philosophy: Present and Future. (section 4)
  5. Knowledge of languages is the basis of intercultural communication. (section 5)

At the final meeting of the students, masters and doctoral students with the best and interesting reports were awarded certificates and diplomas.

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