Rector’s meeting with teaching staff of the Department of General Education disciplines

On 18.10.2021 a meeting was held between the Rector of the Academy and the Department of General Education Disciplines. During the meeting, the rector informed the members of the department about the decisions taken and implemented by the Academic Council of the Academy, shared the plans for the development of our university and the department.

In turn, members of the department had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss actual problems of educational, scientific and upbringing activities.

The suggestions and wishes from the staff of the chair were given by the chair manager Kasenov E.B., professor Elikbaev N.E., associate professor Sattarova F.F., senior teacher Kosmanova A.B., etc.

By the way, it should be noted that such meetings with the Rector are held not the first year. According to the opinion of the teaching staff of the department, such meetings have a positive impact on the educational and scientific and creative activities.

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