Provision of rector grants and discounts for 2019-2020 academic yea

On October 1, 2019 the meeting of the commission on consideration of the received applications for grants of the rector and discounts for 2019-2020 academic year took place.

There were 188 applications received.
Rejected 7. Grounds – not complete set of documents, lack of grounds for granting the discount.

Received discounts 175 students for a total of 489,3311.7 kzt. Among them – 126 first-year students at a total cost of 2231950 kzt, 2-5-year students – 49 at a total cost of 687361,7 kzt.
Holders of grants of the rector – 6 persons according to the results of Regional competitions held by “Bolashaq” Academy for the total amount of 1974000.
For all questions please contact the Student Service Center.

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