Philology Island 2020

This year we dispelled the myth that young people don’t read. Students of “Bolashaq” Academy know a lot about literature.

In September 2020, the Philology Island Literary Club was opened. The main goal of this project is learning Literature and Science. Every month, students and teachers conduct online-meetings and discuss their favorite books, literary heroes, as well as new philological studies.

In spite of the fact that the club has been working only for a few months, a lot has been done within 2020.

A special course has been created on the Moodle platform

Bolashaq Academy uses the Moodle online platform for education. Philology Island Course is used for online conferences and collecting of all materials.

We have learned critical reading skills

Critical reading is a way of reading between the lines. Authors often hide meaning and ideas in the text, ideas can be hidden in the title, in the vocabulary, in the form of a word, in syntactic constructions and other language items. During reading, a critical reader should notice them and ask himself «What does this mean? What did the author want to say?” Having answered the questions, the critical reader will be able to find the hidden meaning of the text, the author’s idea. Participants of the Philology Island club used Critical reading skills to analyze the stories of D. Kharms, A. Chekhov, and L. Petrushevskaya.

We have organized a training seminar “Structure of a scientific article”

Senior teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Kalizhanova Anna Nikolaevna held a seminar for students. We discussed the structure of the scientific article, scientific sources and some rules of academic writing. This theme was interesting and useful for the participants. Members of our club are taking their first steps towards science.

We have compiled a list of books “Must read”

There are many lists of the best movies, best books on the Internet. We decided to make our own list of books that are worth reading. Our list includes such works as “Gone with the Wind” by M.Mitchell, “The Thorn birds” by C. McCullough, “The Alchemist” by P.Coelho, “The Fountainhead” by A.Rand and other masterpieces of literature. Evening with a book is always a good idea.

We have discussed the unusual profession for philologist and modern research in Philology

There is a stereotype that philologists work only in schools and libraries. In fact, a philologist can work on television, edit text in a newspaper or magazine, philologists create advertising and engage in PR. The scientific activity of a philologist can also be fascinating. Modern researchers study the speech portraits of celebrities, the language of computer games and much more! Sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics…So many interesting things can be found in the language!

In 2020, we managed to discuss a lot of things, as well as set new goals. Our literary club members plan to hold a literary challenge on Instagram, hold a seminar in the library and make even more discoveries in the world of literature and science!

Read more in the New Year!

Senior teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication

Khomutova Assel Kuatovna

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