Our pride

On February 23, at the XVII regional sports contest among student youth, the Academy “Bolashaq” and the Higher College “Bolashaq” together competed in athletics

🥉Took 3rd place.

It should be noted that on February 25, students of the academy “bolashaq” and the Higher College “bolashaq” won prizes in Kazakh wrestling️ ️ :

Орын 1st place.Beisek restaurant 66kg DM-20-1

Орын 2nd place. Nurnabi Alibek 82kg Yu-22-2

Орын 2nd place. Sido Rahanbek 60kg DM-22-3

Орын 3rd place. Sydak Bakhtiyar + 100 kg DM-19-1

We sincerely congratulate the winners!✊🏻

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