Open Mentor Hour

22.10.21 was an open curatorial hour on the program “Rukhani jangyru”, approved by the educational work plan of the department “Pre-school education and upbringing”, the participants:

Vice-rector Ismailova R.N., candidate of pedagogical sciences Shaltaeva R.Z., senior teachers Janysbaeva R.M., Bakaramova S.A.

Relevance Long-term quarantine measures introduced in many countries around the world have had a negative impact on virtually all aspects of human life and society. According to experts, coronavirus will significantly transform the habitual way of life in many spheres of society. In the sphere of economy new productions and technologies will appear instead of the old ones, which require new skills and qualification or requalification; long quarantine and absence of practice will lead to decrease of skills and competence of some workers, which will actualize improvement of skills and updating of knowledge; These problems show the necessity to popularize love to work. The call for continuing education and self-development should be part of the state ideological policy of the post-quarantine period.

The purpose of the program “Rukhani zhangyru”: to educate young people, an example for the younger generation, people who have achieved success through hard work and perseverance.

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