On preparing higher education institutions for offline work

From 18 to 23 January 2021 the activists of public youth organization the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan conducted the monitoring of universities on the preparation to the organization of the educational process offline.

The members of the Alliance visited the academic buildings and hostels of the universities in Karaganda for compliance with the sanitary norms and requirements.

From the protocol of monitoring:

“Bolashaq” Academy has 1 academic, 1 administrative corps and House of students (dormitory). Disinfecting mats, sanitizers are placed in front of the entrance to the buildings, the temperature of each person is measured at the entrance with a thermometer.

The corridors and cubicles are marked by remote control.

Classrooms are clean and desks and chairs are set up with respect to distance. All classrooms and department chairs are equipped with sanitary ware. Classrooms and rooms without windows are sealed.

Wall mounted elbow dispensers with sanitizer have been installed on all floors of two buildings. All the toilets are equipped with personal hygiene facilities. The university is equipped with electricity, heating, water and internet. At Bolashaq Academy, all staff and students follow a strict mask regime.      

Академия “Bolashaq”academybolashak

Disinfection is performed daily by technical staff. Disinfection schedules are prepared and staff are on duty in the buildings and Student Houses.    


All sanitary-epidemiological requirements are complied with in the library of the university. There are sanitiser and remote tags.

House of students is equipped with electricity, heating, water and internet. There is a body temperature and disinfection mat, and sanitary equipment is available on all floors. All bathrooms are equipped with personal hygiene products.

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