Meeting of students of EP Jurisprudence with judges of the regional court

On November 18 this year, students and undergraduates of the OP Jurisprudence held a meeting with the judges of the Karaganda Regional Court represented by Zhanna Karimovna Seidalina and Kairat Kunusbekovich Shagataev.

The purpose of the meeting is to acquaint students with the judicial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, explain the procedure for entering the judiciary and familiarization with the specifics of the administration of justice in our country.

The format of the meeting was in the form of a dialogue platform. At the beginning, the judges gave some explanations regarding the specifics of judicial work and the procedure for admission, then the students asked questions of interest to them within the framework of a given topic. For example, at the meeting, students asked their questions regarding the timing and procedure for considering civil, criminal, administrative cases, as well as the procedure for entering and passing public service, the conditions for passing educational practice and internships in courts.

Issues of practical training in court and further employment of graduates were discussed.

At the end of the event, students were given the opportunity to be present during the consideration of a criminal case in an open court session.

Concluding the meeting, the judges wished the students to get high-quality knowledge, become experienced lawyers and enter the civil service in their specialty.

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