Local history competition dedicated to Karaganda City Day

Within a special project “Tugan zher” of the program “Rukhani Zhangyru” at the Academy “Bolashaq” of SIC “Rukhaniyat was held a local history hour dedicated to Karaganda City Day.

Purpose: the development of the small motherland, the involvement of citizens to the development of their native land, as well as solving social problems

Objectives: 1. Involve students to the research activities of local history.

2.To form an active civic position in identifying current issues in the development of their native land and the search, proposal and promotion of solutions.

3. To promote the development of practical and analytical skills in working with cartographic material and historical descriptions.

During the local history hour students of all educational programs presented their creative works in the form of shinkwein and haiku, dedicated to the Day of Karaganda:

Laura Zhampeisova, student of group DOV-19-1:


Big and beautiful.

Grows, develops, attracts

Grows by leaps and bounds



Perepechkina Karina, PIP-19-1 student:


beautiful, big, noisy

changes, dazzles, improves

full of movement and bustle



Askerova Feruza, student of group -FM-20-1 to:


Majestic, high.

It stands, decorates, glorifies.

Abai monument in the city center.


Goryunova Alexandra, a student of group IN-19-1:


Cultural, hospitable.

Educates (students), mines (coal), attracts (guests)

Center of the biggest region of Kazakhstan.



Kovalchuk Kristina, student of group IN-19-1:


Developing, thriving

To build, to grow, to advance

Where? Where? In Karaganda!

The homeland


Lyubov Bychek, student of group IN-19-1:

The city,

Noisy, modern,

Preserves, develops, delights,

Our memorable story of life,



Yana Makarchuk, group IN-20-1:


City of the Future.

Impresses, delights, develops.

Help your city become even better



Tsantsuraeva Leila, student of IN-20-1:



To produce, to develop, to build.

Every year Karaganda is flourishing.


Danil Surovtsev, a student of group IN-20-1:


Karaganda, unique

To appreciate, respect, study.

Very important and fascinating


Agybaev Zhanuly, a student of group Yu-20-1:


Protected, natural

Preserve, study and protect

Preservation area of endangered objects


Sabina Asilova, student of In-20-1 group:


Dramatic, popular

Presents, impresses, attends.

The audience applauds the amazing play.



Esebayeva Aigerim, a student of the group FM-20-1:


Beautiful, spacious.

Impresses, embodies, complements.

Always demonstrates the beauty of nature.



Selivanov George, a student of FM-20-1 group:


Tall and thin.

Used for household purposes

Karaganik grows in the steppes of Kazakhstan

It is a lagoon.


Fathudinova Margarita, student of FM-20-1 group:


-underground, deep.

It excites, frightens, impresses.

It demonstrates the natural resources of the country.


Creative work in the form of a hokku, dedicated to the Day of the City:

Zhampeisova Laura, a student of group DOV-19-1:

Beautiful City.

Beautiful and immense he

The sun is high


Perepechkina Karina, student of PIP-19-1 group:

Blizzards are here

The city became snow-white

And the sun is gone


Perepechkina Karina, PIP-19-1 group student:

Blizzards, ice

And the street is slippery.

Should be home


Perepechkina Karina, a student of PIP-19-1::

The sun is blinding.

The sultry wind is hitting my face.

I can’t open my eyes.


Ospanova Madina, student of group IN-18-1:

From the bright rays

People squint at times.

They will never know sorrow.


Goryunova Alexandra, student of group IN-19-1:

So a snowstorm came.

Howling, howling.

In the snow at home…


Taimazova Seda, student of group IN-19-1:

Yesterday’s frost

Transformed the whole city

Outside it’s snowing


Kovalchuk Kristina, student of group IN-19-1:

Dear City

My homeland, too

I cherish you.


Zheltukhina Valeria, a student of the group IN-19-1:

Here you can see the moon.

The stars have appeared.

It’s getting colder.


Mukhametzhanova Daria, student of FM-20-1:

Up to the capital there,

Far away, – There’s half a sky to go…

Snow clouds.


Lyubov Bychek, student of group IN-19-1:

The city at night,

Time is passing,

What have you done in this century?

NIC “Rukhaniyat”

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