Eternal glory to the heroes

Do we have the right to forget that peace and freedom have cost us? Would not such forgetfulness be a betrayal to the memory of fallen soldiers, to the grief of inconsolable mothers, lonely widows, orphaned children? That must not be forgotten in the name of our stubborn struggle for peace, which is unthinkable without the bitter memory of the disasters of the past war.
S.S. Smirnov

The Great Patriotic War ended 75 years ago. This war brought countless suffering to the people of the world, changed the course of world history, the destinies of people and the map of the world.

In it 61 from 73 existing then states (80 % of the population of the globe) participated. Military operations were conducted on the territories of 40 states. A total of 110 million people were mobilized in the armed forces. During the Second World War, nuclear weapons were used for the first time. Total human losses reached 60-65 million people, less than half of them were killed on the fronts (27 million people).

And our Kazakh people opposed the powerful onslaught of a highly organized and well-armed enemy – Nazi Germany and its allies. We withstood and won!

All underfoot the globe of the earth.
I’m alive. I’m breathing. Singing.
But in my memory, I’m always with you.
who died in battle.

Don’t let me give you all the names,
no blood kin.
That’s not why I live,
that they died…?

Stepan Shipachev

Materials will be published based on the book published in “Bolashak Baspa”.

Heroes of Karaganda [Text] : a collection of biographical information / edited by Zh.S. Akylbaev, A.A. Abdakimov, N.O. Dulatbekov, R.K. Omarbekova. – Karaganda: Bolashak-Baspa RIO, 2000. – – 146 p.

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