Professional orientation work held in the secondary school of Samarkand village, Bukhar Zhirau district

On April 23, 2024, Ph.D. of the Department of Pedagogy, associate professor Korjumbaeva M.B. Bukhar conducted professional orientation work in the secondary school of Samarkand village, Zhirau district.

Picture 1. Docent Korjumbaeva M.B. in the process of explaining the educational programs of the academy

11 students of class “A” asked questions, for example, who will become a Pedagogical and Psychology major, are there distance learning programs, is it possible to get a master’s degree after completing a bachelor’s degree, how many years do you need to study pharmacy, do you have laboratories for training pharmacists at the Academy? – questions were asked.

Of course, the students’ questions were answered, graduates who have completed the specialty of Pedagogy and Psychology can work in different places, schools, general educational institutions, companies, firms. Law, Pedagogy and Psychology, Foreign country: two foreign languages can be entered into Master’s programs. Pharmacy is a full-time course of 5 years, and there are laboratories, lecture halls, and practice facilities that train students.

Picture 1. Introducing the magazine “Lemonade”.
Figure 2. Telling the features of educational programs to class 11 “А”.

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