Introducing Chizhevsky’s biography to the students

February 13, 2020, students of 6B grade of Gymnasium No.1, Karaganda visited the walking tour “Protected Sites of Lenin Street”. This excursion was organized by the teacher of local lore of Gymnasium Talovksaya Marina Yurievna. She told the students about famous personalities, scientists who once lived in houses from No. 1 to No. 17 of this street. In addition, students learned about historical and architectural monuments, considered modern buildings, comparing them with old photographs.

The last stage of the gymnastics tour was a visit to the administrative building of Bolashaq Academy (Lenin St., 17). The famous scientist A.L.Chizhevsky lived in this building. The Academy installed a memorial plaque to A.L.Chizhevsky on May 31, 2019 on the facade of the building, as a sign of gratitude of the citizens. In the period from 1950 to 1954 the scientist lived in this house.

Professor T.P.Smolkina, Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation of the Academy and A.U. Aupenova, Director of Rukhaniyat Research Center told the schoolchildren about hard life of the repressed scientist.

At the end of the meeting the students got acquainted with the content of the book “Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky: in Karlag, Steplag and Karaganda”, published by “Bolashak-Baspa” in 2018.

All students were presented with copies of ‘Limonad’ student newspaper.

The meeting was very interesting.


“Dear scientists of Bolashaq Academy, I, a native Karaganda resident, was interested to learn about the personality of the great scientist A.L. Chizhevsky and the contribution of Bolashaq Academy in the preservation of memory of Chizhevsky. The opening of the bas-relief, the publication of the book – cases which significance today’s sixth-graders cannot yet realize, but what you have done is a huge cultural layer, it is very necessary for today’s “digital” youth. It is no secret that a child living on the street of Chizhevsky does not know why it is named after him. Aliya Ukuzhanovna, thank you for the interesting story about the book by Y. Popov! Thank you for your work, cooperation, love to Karaganda! Thank you for warm welcome!

With respect and appreciation, Talovskaya Marina Yurievna, a teacher of local history at Gymnasium No. 1 in Karaganda

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