“Independence is the heroic path of my country!”

12/15/2023. under the guidance of senior teacher of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature of the BOLASHAQ Academy, adviser Zhanuzakhova K.K., in group K-20-1 there was an adviser hour meeting dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the meeting was to cultivate a sense of patriotism, love for the Motherland, pride in the historical past, present and bright future of the peoples of Kazakhstan; Awakening in students a feeling of love for their native land.

On October 25, 1990, the Supreme Council of the Republic adopted the Declaration, which laid the legal basis for the development of the country as an independent state. Thanks to this historically significant step, Kazakhstan made the first step to independence. Since then, our state has been on the path of development and prosperity, withstanding the difficulties of the transition period.

During the adviser meeting, we discussed that since gaining independence, which our ancestors had longed for for centuries, our country has overcome many odds, survived the transition period and carried out difficult economic and political reforms. Kazakhstan is today recognized by the world community as a market-democratic country, The friendship of peoples is well preserved in the country.

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