Implementation of the special project “Dastur men guryp” as part of the programme “Rukhani Zhangyru”

A new special project “Dastur men guryp” is being implemented as part of the Rukhani Zhangyru programme.

In an era of globalisation, when information and different cultures are intertwined and the boundary between them is blurred, traditions and customs that strengthen the national code and spirituality must be revived. The special project “Dastur men guryp” aims to analyse and update the spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people.

Preservation of customs, traditions, rites and dishes of traditional cuisine handed down from generation to generation is an integral part of each nation’s culture. They play an important role in the education of young people and the formation of national consciousness. In this regard, the preservation and study of the cultural heritage, traditions and cuisine of the Kazakh people is one of the urgent tasks.

The aim of the project is to abandon archaic traditions, revive forgotten but relevant to modern times traditions in terms of their humane and educational values, and popularise Kazakh cuisine.

Within the framework of the project it is planned to develop and launch on TV channels and radio new specialized programs “100 Kazakh Traditions” and “100 National Dishes of Kazakhstan”, production of documentary films, talk shows, cultural programs, production of educational cartoons, animation films and programs for children and many others.

In addition, the organisers plan to develop a mobile application “Dastur”, which will allow you to get acquainted with traditions and customs, learn terms, blessings, recipes of traditional dishes, national clothes, national crafts, jewellery, etc.

The project is expected to result in the revival of the national spirit, traditions and customs of education, the dissemination of traditional values among the younger generation, the restoration and popularisation of forgotten unique national dishes, the development of gastronomic tourism and increased interest in studying the history of Kazakh cuisine.

Students of all educational programs of the Academy took part in virtual excursion of the exhibition hall “Kazakh decorative-applied art”, conducted by Karaganda Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition overview is available at the following link:

Rukhaniyat Center

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