I say thank you to all veterans for living

Kayirbek Abdrahmanov

Award document

Date of birth: 10.12.1922

Date of enlistment: July 29, 1941

Place of Service: Kuvskiy Regional Military District Military Inspectorate, Kazakh SSR, Karaganda Region, Kuvskiy district.

Military rank: junior sergeant.

Military unit: 89 sep detachment, 4th AF, Western Front.

Date of deed: 29.08.1942 year.

Dogaleva Pakhizada Tayzhanovna, the hero’s daughter-in-law

Merseitov Kasym Merseituly


Served in the 18th rifle detachment.

Has awards:

Medal “For the Victory over Germany” – 1949.
Medal “For Services in Battle” – 1976
Order of the Patriotic War of the First Degree – 1985.
Medal “For development of virgin lands” – 1957

The granddaughter of the hero Tuganbayeva Saltanat Tursynkhanovna

Popovichenko Vasily Akimovich.
15.03.1919 – 5.03.87

Popovichenko (Golikov) Maria Yakovlevna
25.03.1921г.- 14.01.1998
The radio operator

Great-granddaughter of heroes Borisova Diana, the highest “Bolashaq”, 4 course.

Kinsman of Heroes Dodonov Sergey Anatolievich

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