Gratitude to the Rector of Bolashaq Academy from a student from Kokshetau

Dear Kuralbay Nesipbekovich!

I, Taukelova Aisulu, came to the Academy by Academic Mobility from Abay Kokshetau University and now I study in the group DOV-17-1.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to travel with the Club of Humane Pedagogy to study at Sanaly Omir Education Center in Nur-Sultan. 

Thank you very much!  This trip will remain in my memory for life and I will tell about it to the students of Kokshetau University!  The trip was remembered first of all for the respectful attitude of the Academy to students!  The Academy provided comfortable conditions for living, convenient transportation, quality food and care from the leaders of the trip.

Having 5 years of volunteer experience, for the first time I saw the possibilities of educational activities, of course, with a certain preparation, so the training was very interesting and necessary for me!  Received certificate gives the opportunity to benefit the society.

Thank you for new friends – students of Bolashaq Academy!

With respect to you, Taukelova Aisulu. student of Abay Kokshetau University.

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