“From heart to heart…”

From 20.02.23 to 01.03.23. students of the volunteer movement “Meirim”, organized by the chairman of the Committee for Youth Affairs of the Academy “Bolashaq” Baishagirov Meyrbek Kairbekovich, hold a charity event in honor of the Day of Gratitude.

The next visit of kindness took place on February 21. Along with the warmth of the soul, another family in need of social assistance was provided with food. “The one who does good to another, does good to himself,” says the Kazakh proverb.

It ‘s not for nothing that there is an expression: “Kindness will save the world.” This is folk wisdom that is passed down from generation to generation. Its essence lies in the fact that if you always try to help other people, try to listen and feel other people, not to pass by someone else’s misfortune, then you can become much kinder. Then our whole world will become much brighter and kinder.­

“Meirim” volunteers, who strive to help people with disabilities and anyone who needs social support, are always ready to hold charity events.

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