Extended meeting of the SEC of Karaganda Region APK

On September 12, 2019, the House of Friendship hosted an extended meeting of the Scientific and Expert Group of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan of Karaganda Region. The Director of SIC Rukhaniyat A.U. Aupenova presented the Bolashaq Academy at the meeting. 

The agenda included:

  1. Address of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev to the people of Kazakhstan “Discussion of constructive public dialogue – the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan”.
  2. Brief description of the work done by SEC of Karaganda Region APK for the I-III quarter of 2019.
  3. Work on creation of interactive historical map “People of Kazakhstan” in Karaganda Region.
  4. The issue of granting scientific status to the public journal “Dostyk Aimaghy”, KSU “Kogamdyk kelisim” of Karaganda Region Mayor’s Office.
  5. Awarding the winners of the competition for the best scientific project devoted to the Kazakhstan model of the public consent and national unity of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev.
    The speaker on the first question was the member of SEC APK Karaganda region, director of SIC “Rukhaniyat” Academy “Bolashaq” A.U. Aupenova.

The tradition of the President’s address to the people of Kazakhstan began to form in 1997. They accumulate strategic and tactical steps for further development of the society. The message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev became also a kind of program of further actions on five basic directions of life of our country. Strengthening of public consent, improvement of quality of education, support of institute of family and childhood, creation of an inclusive society are named one of the key reference points.

The tasks set by the Head of State are in practical terms. The fate of implementing all the set tasks largely depends on the civic position of young people, their social and political activity and spiritual and moral orientation. The teaching staff of the “Bolashaq” Academy contributes to the education of students in the spirit of true patriotism.

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