Eternal glory to the heroes: Zenkovsky Arkady Ivanovich

Arkady Ivanovich Zenkovsky was born in 1920 in the village of Bolshoy Kuseryak in the Aromashevsky district of Tyumen region.

After graduating from a seven-year school, Arkady Zenkovsky worked as an accountant for a tractor brigade, then as an accountant at a collective farm. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War Arkady Zenkovsky lived and worked in the village of Karsakpai, Karaganda region, where he left for the front on February 13, 1943.

First May 1943 soldier Zenkovsky met at the Voronezh Front. During fierce summer battles in the Kursk Bulge his name was named among the best gunners of the 10th Guards Rifle Regiment of the 6th Guards Rifle Division. Arkady Zenkovsky also distinguished himself when forcing the Dnieper. Then he was sent by the command to the front courses.

The days of study quickly flew by and from February 1944 junior sergeant Arkady Zenkovsky was again in his native regiment, where he commanded a rifle platoon in the battles for the city of Rivne.

When on June 19, 1944, during the assault of enemy positions in the village of Vitkuv-Stary, Stoyaniv district, Lviv region, the company commander was out of action, Junior Lieutenant Zenkovsky took command. The unit headed by the new commander was the first to break into the village of Vitkuv-Stary, which ensured the liberation of the village.

A few days later, the 5th company of the 10th Guards Rifle Regiment, whose commander was still Arkady, approached the Polish Vistula River. Soldiers crossed the left bank of the river and secured themselves there. The Nazis tried to throw the Guards into the water, but they failed to do so. Reflecting three counterattacks and exterminating more than 40 soldiers and officers of the enemy, the company held its positions.

For courage and bravery shown in these battles Arkady Zenkovsky was awarded the Order of the Red Star. He was accepted. As a member of the party.

January 12, 1945, when the troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front began the offensive from the Sandomir bridgehead, Zenkovsky’s company was the first to break through the enemy’s defense and successfully pursued him, destroying all the pockets of resistance of the enemy.

Total for the period from 12 to 26 January 1945 company Arkady Zenkovski was destroyed up to 200 soldiers and officers of the enemy.

The material is published, being based on the book published in RIO Bolashak Baspa and on materials of the Internet.

Heroes of Karaganda [Text]: a collection of biographical information / edited by Zh. S. Akylbaev, A. A. Abdakimov, N. O. Dulatbekov, R. K. Omarbekova. – Karaganda: Bolashak-Baspa, 2000. – – 146 p.

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