Elections of deputies of Bolashaq Student Republic

On November 8, 2019 under “Bolashaq” Student Republic the elections of deputies to the Parliament were held.

After all necessary procedures were carried out, the central election commission registered 10 candidates for deputy mandates; 8 of them were nominated for deputies.

The President of the Republic of “Bolashaq” Shakarim Beksultan and the Cabinet of Ministers consisting of 8 persons monitored the voting process.

All the deputies from the list approved by the government are an active part of the Bolashaq Academy’s student youth. Among them there are co-founders and participants of the youth association “1%”, which implements its activity under the aegis of the Academy, as well as Leon Batista Readers’ Club, which has been functioning since recently.

Below is the list of deputies of the “Bolashaq” Parliament:

1) Zharylgasynov Ersultan, student of the group FM-18-5;

2) Ospanova Raihan, student of group IN-16-2;

3) Kim Vladislav, student of group PIP-18-1;

4) Bazarbayeva Ayparshyn, student of group FM-19-2k;

5) Aidana Alimbayeva, student of group IN18-1;

6) Sultanova Ayazhan, student of group IN-19-2;

7) Mukhamedjanov Adil, student of group IN-19-1;

8) Balmukhan Zarina, student of group PIP-19-1.

We wish the deputies fruitful work in development of our Academy!

Minister of Culture of “Bolashaq” Student Republic Ospanova Madina, student of group IN-18-1

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