Dual education – the basis for training a qualified specialist

The department of “Psychology, pedagogy and methods of primary education” continues the activities of the branch of the department based on KSU “General Education School №23” in the implementation of dual education. Sarbasova K.A., Zhapanova R.N., senior teachers of the department hold practical lessons on discipline “Methodology of Kazakh language in elementary school” and “Theory and methodology of teaching artistic work” with PMNO-19-2 group on the basis of the branch. Students in mini-lessons use modern methods of teaching according to the updated program: learning, communication, project, active teaching methods, etc.

Dual form of education allows combining theoretical and practical training in the learning process according to the principle of practice-oriented, combining the theoretical knowledge on the chosen profession with practical work directly in schools. The interplay of practice and theory continues throughout the learning process. By increasing the role of practical training, future professionals discuss problems at school together with teachers in the learning process.

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