Discussion platform “Prestige of the pedagogical profession: succession of generations”

October 4, 2019 in the Academy “Bolashaq” was held a discussion platform in the direction of “Competitiveness” of the state program “Ruhani Zhangyru” on the theme “CREDIBILITY OF PEDAGOGUE PROFESSION: GENERAL PREPARATION”. The event was attended by specialists in the field of education, representatives of the party “Nur Otan” and the Department of Youth Policy of the Regional mayor’s officde.

This event was dedicated to the International Teacher’s Day and 10th anniversary of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology.

K.N. Menlibayev, Rector of “Bolashaq” Academy, Candidate of Philosophy, Professor, made an opening speech.

The discussion platform was moderated by T.P. Smolkina, Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Centre for Humane Pedagogy of the Academy “Bolashaq”, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Master S.S. Shutenova, Director of the Research Centre “Rukhaniyat”. Academy “Bolashaq”, senior lecturer of the Department of General Education, Master Aupenova A.U.
The experience from practical and research activities was shared by the Head of the Department of preschool and psychological and pedagogical training of Karaganda State University named after E.A.Buketov, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Mirza N.V.

Chairman of the youth wing “Jas Otan” at the party “Nur Otan” Khamitov Yerzhan noted the prestige of the profession of teacher and the genius of teachers.
Issues raised for discussion:

  • The profession of a teacher, despite the ambiguity of opinions and assessments of its prestige, remained on the list of significant and important for society. Today, the theme of the decline of the prestige of the profession of teacher sounds alarming in public dialogue, the media, and on the Internet resources. Time has devalued many moral values, but… And what do you think about this?

Do you personally feel the prestige of the pedagogical profession? Share your experience from your practice.

-What difficult pedagogical situations have you had to solve, what solutions have you found and what experience have you gained from it?

-There is no doubt that the salary of an employee in any profession is very important. And what should you do to make the teaching profession more attractive? What problems should be solved besides increasing salaries?

-Is there a danger that the underestimation of pedagogical work will lead to negative consequences, such as the emergence of casual people in the profession? How can this scenario be excluded?

-What measures could attract young people, talented children to pedagogical professions in universities?

  • What, in your opinion, it is necessary to do that the teacher and school as a whole became confident in a profession and could work quietly for the benefit of the country?
  • What can teachers themselves do to enhance their authority and prestige of the profession in society?
  • Where should one begin his or her career in the teaching profession? Where did you start personally? Has your opinion changed over the years?
  • In your opinion, did you personally have a pedagogical vocation? Have you thought about the difficulties you might have encountered in your profession? Were there any doubts that you would not be able to cope with the responsibility for your students?
  • How much time and money do you invest in your professional development?
  • We all know that teachers have a very busy astronomical day. In addition to conducting training sessions, there is also preparation for them. What kind of planning of your work do you use in order to have time to do everything necessary?

In the discussion were especially active: the head of kindergarten “Both”, Prishakhtinsk, Karaganda Nurgozhina G.O., a teacher of primary school KSU “Gymnasium No. 1” Karaganda Rent E.V., methodologist “Abai Multiprofile College, the city of Abai Agliulina YM, a teacher of the department of pedagogy, psychology and private preschool methods of Karaganda higher college “Bolashaq” A. Tusupbaeva, deputy director for educational work of KSU “School-gymnasium 1 of Shakhtinsk” Dogay A. A., pedagogue and psychologist of Karaganda State University “Gymnasium No. 45” city of Karaganda, master of pedagogical sciences Kengerbayeva KN, pedagogue and psychologist of Karaganda Technical-Construction College Rakimbekova S.M., tutor of DMC (preschool mini-center “ABC”) of Karaganda city, master of pedagogical sciences Bondarenko V.V., teacher of the chair “Foreign language: two foreign languages” of the Academy “Bolashaq” Ibrakhimova K.T.

The guests shared with the student youth what led them to the educational and pedagogical environment, which motivates them in the activities they are engaged in and answered the questions asked.

The discussion platform is an effective form of interaction between specialists in the field of education and youth policy, student youth and university graduates working in their specialties, as well as employers and competitive youth.

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