Discussion of the project of the professional standard “Teacher”

On October 19, 2022 teachers of pedagogical departments of the Academy “Bolashaq” took part in the discussion of the project of professional standard “Teacher”, organized by the Karaganda branch of JSC ” National Professional Development Center “Orleu”.

The project of professional standard “Teacher” is designed to implement the President’s Message to the people of Kazakhstan from September 1, 2022 to develop a framework of teacher competencies in accordance with changing realities and best educational practices.

The document states that the mandatory quality of a teacher is humanism, which is expressed in relation to the personality of the student. The beliefs and attitudes of the teacher are manifested in the education of citizens in accordance with the vision of the future and the formation of their own values and attitudes.

In addition, it is indicated that the readiness for pedagogical activity is expressed in the presence of a set of pedagogical knowledge and skills, educational and ethical standards.

Assessment of a teacher’s work activity defines the level of pedagogical skills, manifested in the possession of pedagogical technique for carrying out educational activities and management of them, in the high art of education and training, – the standard says.

It also assumes that the teacher throughout his activity is constantly expanding and enriching professional knowledge and competence, creates and implements educational innovations.

As noted by the Ministry of Education, the professional standard “Teacher” will become a single benchmark for the trajectory of professional development of teachers at all levels of education.

Given this professional standard will be developed and updated educational programs, certification and certification procedures, the content of continuing professional development and promotion strategy for teaching staff.

In general, all meeting participants supported the introduction of a professional standard “Teacher. When discussing the document the head of the department “Pedagogy” Asakaeva Dana Salamatovna made a proposal to make additions to the list of teachers specified in the project Standard, to make a teacher psychologist and social pedagogue with a differentiated assessment of skill levels, job functions and degree of professional development.

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