Curatorial hour on the topic “Day of Victims of Political Repressions”

On May 31, 2024, a curatorial hour dedicated to the Day of Victims of Political Repressions was held at the “Bolashaq” Academy. The event was organized for students of groups IN-22-1 and IN-22-2. During the curatorial hour, important historical facts and the significance of this memorial day were highlighted.

The curatorial hour focused on the causes and consequences of political repressions in Kazakhstan and the USSR. It included discussions on the examples of trials of repressed figures from the fields of culture, science, and politics. Additionally, a short documentary film about the victims of political repressions was screened.

After the screening, there was an open discussion where students could ask questions and share their thoughts on what they had seen. The curatorial hour was conducted at a high level and elicited an active response from the students. They showed significant interest in the topic, asked questions, and actively participated in the discussion. Many students noted the importance of such events for shaping historical memory and fostering civic engagement.

Following the event, a reflection session was conducted where students shared their impressions and thoughts on the importance of remembering the victims of political repressions. This allowed them to better understand historical processes and appreciate the importance of respecting human rights in modern society.

The curatorial hour on the topic of the “Day of Victims of Political Repressions” was conducted successfully and contributed to the enhancement of historical literacy and the formation of civic consciousness among the students. Such events are an integral part of the educational process at the “Bolashaq” Academy.

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