Congratulations on the New Year

Doctor of Law, Professor Dulatbekov Nurlan Orynbasarovich congratulates all colleagues on the coming New Year.

It was a very successful year,

It’s time to sum it up.

Even complex tasks.

You’ve been making a big decision.

Let the New year begin,

With all the luck.

With a brave whirlwind, it will burst in.

To our cohesive team.

Our plans will come true.

No stuttering or trouble.

And your dreams will come true.

The best New Year ever!

Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on the New Year. I would like to wish you a smooth and prosperous road to success, clear goals and future plans, unflagging strength and friendship of the team, family happiness and faithful wellbeing, high income and constant luck.

Let the New year fulfill the desire of each of you and give the whole team success and prosperity!!!!

Best regards,

Nurlan Dulatbekov

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