The competition “Kazakh national clothes”

Kazakh national dress is an important and integral attribute of Kazakh culture. The main materials from which Kazakh clothes were made were cotton, wool and felt. As nomads, Kazakhs sewed clothes made of leather and fur, as they are well suited to the harsh conditions of the steppe.

Shoes: men wore light boots made of thin leather in summer, and high boots made of coarse leather in winter, protecting them from the cold. Women’s boots were painted green or red, they were embroidered with silk and decorated with small patterned cells.
Men’s clothing
Kazakh men’s clothing: men wore shirts and trousers, outerwear – shapan, hats (in winter – fox, astrakhan, etc. malakhai, in summer – light caps). At the same time, the shapan is considered one of the most important elements of men’s clothing, reflecting the status of a man. Hats can vary in thickness and color.

Women’s clothing
The traditional women’s costume consisted of a wide dress, over which a doublet or a cap was worn. Mostly women’s clothing was made of calico, silk, and velvet. Thin felt was also used. In the cold season, women wore outerwear made of fox or lamb fur.

Embroidery using beads, felt, silver, and various stripes was very actively used.
A competition for the promotion of national clothes was organized within the walls of the Bolashaq Academy. The national clothes of the Kazakh people are very fashionable and beautiful. Each department and departments took part in the academy competition. The competition was interesting and exciting. According to the results of the competition, the winners were determined and awarded with prizes and gifts.

1st place -K.S.Temireeva, D.S. Tutai.
2nd place – Akhmetova A. K., Kabzhanov A.T.
3rd place -Kordashova A. A., Aubakirov A.N.

Congratulations to the winners from the bottom of our hearts!
Happy Nauryz holiday!

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