Celebration of the Elderly People Day on October 1

On September 28, a celebration event dedicated to October 1, Elderly People Day, was organized at Bolashaq Academy. At the annual traditional event, the rector of the Academy, Gulnara Musievna Rysmagambetova, solemnly congratulated the older generation of labor veterans who had worked at the educational institution for many years. In her congratulations, she noted that this Day is a wonderful occasion to remember and celebrate the merits of older generations, take a fresh look at the capabilities and needs of older people, and also presented everyone with a monetary reward. The administration of the Academy wished our kind and wise veterans many good wishes and prepared a concert program.

In turn, Professor Khamzin M.Kh. thanked the administration and staff of the Academy and presented rector G. M. Rysmagambetova with a letter of gratitude from the Council of Veterans of the Karaganda Region for her active work in the social sphere.
After the ceremonial congratulations, the event continued with a concert program.

There were performances by the dance ensemble “Akku” at the concert association named after Kali Baizhanov with a 30-year history; they performed folk choreography. The dancers of the ensemble performed very bright dances “Sylqyldak”, “Aqqu-qyzdar”, Uyghur dance “Jamilya”, etc., raising the mood of the holiday.

The head of the ensemble: Nazgul Avilkhan.

At Bolashaq Academy there are many people known for their works and scientific achievements, as well as teaching. They continue to serve as an example to the student community and young teaching professionals.

We wish long life, strong health, and tireless energy to our elderly people, who spent their entire conscious life on the path of raising the generation.

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