Alash Orda: Beimbet Mailin

Beimbet (Bimukhamet) Zharmagambetovich Mailin (November 15, 1894, modern district Beimbet Mailin of Kostanay region – November 10, 1939) – Kazakh Soviet writer, playwright, one of the founders of Kazakh Soviet literature.

Originates from Qara Qypshak of Karabalyk tribe Kypshak of Middle Zhuz.

In 1911-1912, he studied literacy at aul mullah in Arginbay-Haji madrassah, in 1913 he studied at school “Uazifa” in Troitsk, in 1913-1915 – in Galiya madrassah in Ufa.

In 1916-1922 Beimbet Mailin worked as a teacher in his native village. In 1923-1925 he was an employee, editor of the Kustanai provincial newspaper “Enbekshi Qazaq” (Hardworking Kazakh). In 1926, he joined the Communist Party.

In 1928-1932 he worked as a literary worker, editor of the newspaper “Qazaq tili”, in 1932-1934 – head of department, editor of the newspaper “Socialist Qazaqstan”, in 1934-1937 – editor of the newspaper “Qazaq adebieti”.

In 1938, the life of Beimbet Mailin, full of literary ideas and selfless work, broke off on a creative takeoff.

He was arrested on charges of counter-revolutionary, bourgeois-nationalistic, rebellious and terrorist activity, torment during interrogation and the decision of the military board of the Supreme Court of the USSR of February 26, which sentenced Beimbet Mailin to execution with immediate execution of the sentence.

Only in 1957, by the decision of the Supreme Court of the USSR of April 16, Beimbet Mailin was rehabilitated, the sentence was cancelled and the case was dismissed for lack of corpus delicti.

The name of the writer, his work returned to people. Kazakh folk saying “Ai-ortak, kun-ortak, jaksy-ortak” says that “the moon, the sun and a beautiful man belong to all”. A wonderful writer, a man.


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