Acknowledgements from colleagues at PFUR (RF)

The Rector of the Academy “Bolashaq” Professor Menlibayev K.N. received letters of gratitude from colleagues from the Russian Federation.

FSIU HE “Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia” expresses gratitude to the Academy “Bolashaq” for cooperation and thanks for active participation in the Interuniversity with international participation student scientific conference “The culture of scientific and professional and business communication – the path to a successful career”, which was held in December 2020

FGSAU VO “Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia” expresses gratitude in the person of: Professor N.I. Khrapchenkova, Head of the Department of DINO, students of all educational programmes of the Centre for Humane Pedagogy Academy “Bolashaq”, teaching staff of the Department of DIFO Akparova J.M., Bokizhanova G.K., Talikova G.T., Bondarenko V.V., Golomazova E.A., Shaltaeva R.J., professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature Ibraeva B.M.

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