Acknowledgement for organizing the Second International Youth Essay Competition “Karlag: Memory for the Future”

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Dear organizers of the SECOND INTERNATIONAL CONCORS OF MOSCOW “KARLAG: MEMORY OF THE FUTURE”, the administration of KGU “Secondary school No 62” expresses its gratitude to you for the work done to draw the attention of young people to the theme of political repression of the 20s – 50s of the twentieth century.

Participation in such contests makes the young generation look at many historical facts in a different way: it is a reminder of tragic pages in the history of the country, when thousands of people were unreasonably subjected to repression, accused of crimes, sent to correctional labour camps, deprived of their lives.

Examples of the life of worthy citizens, testimonies of Stalin’s camp inmates, historical documents of the tragic times, archival references – this is what the younger generation should bring up more convincing than any words.

An attempt to express our view on the tragic events of the period of mass political repression of the twentieth century and share our innermost feelings was also our work submitted for the contest.

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The work of Kurgan Polina, a pupil of the 11th grade, “An Example of Nobleness and Courage”, dedicated to Kayum Muhamedkhanov, who was repressed for his open school of pupils and followers of Abai, was noted in the nomination “Emotional sensitivity”.

Kayum Mukhamedkhanov was convinced for the rest of his days that “…it is a great happiness to be free, to tell the truth and not be afraid of anything. This is the only way to live! This is the main thing for a man”.

Heroes, which were told about in the compositions, which went through imprisonment, torture, camps are examples of nobility and courage, about which one should know and remember.

Through bitterness and pain, through knowledge of the harsh truth comes the understanding of everyone’s responsibility for the present and future.

Special thanks to the coordinators of the contest Smolkina T. P. and Aupenova A. U. for concerted actions related to the preparation and conduct of the contest, ensuring “feedback”.

They are always open for cooperation with you.

B.A. Kalekina, Director of MPI “Secondary school No 62”.

History Teacher of MPI “Secondary school No 62” Gilmutdinova G.A.

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