A new view of Academy students: acquaintance with the urban environment in the Center of Urban Studies

On May 16, 2023, students of the Bolashaq Academy, within the framework of local history activities under the leadership of the head of the Department of General Education Disciplines, A.U. Ilyasova, got acquainted with the projects carried out by the Center for Urban Studies of Karaganda for three years of its existence.

The Center of Urban Studies is a project aimed at the development of urban systems in Karaganda (transport, pedestrian infrastructure, ecology, healthcare and others) and promoting their interaction with each other and the residents of the city.

The Urbanism Center is an integral part of the Terricon Valley an ecosystem that promotes the development of IT and Digital spheres and connects the state, specialists, experts and students.

The head of the Urban Studies Center, Valeria Khasueva, introduced the students to the ideas that the Center has already managed to implement and those initiatives that have yet to be implemented. Among them is the project of the Center jointly with the akimat of the Kazybek bi district “Historical Square”, which consists in creating smooth transitions across all sidewalks, removing all irregularities and defects. For this purpose, careful preparatory work was done, all defective places were examined and photographed, technical characteristics were studied for compliance with existing standards. All this is done in order, first of all, to form an accessible, barrier-free and well-groomed urban environment for comfortable movement of people of all ages.

It is being transformed in accordance with the developed projects of the Center of Urbanism and the Central Park of Karaganda. The citizens and guests of the city are pleased with a wonderful walking place, especially in summer – the embankment of the park, in winter – a linear skating rink, the absence of visual noise. At the initiative of the Urban Studies Center, the historical mosaic sculptures “Sea Tale” and “Family” were restored in the park, the surrounding area was improved.

The participants of the meeting asked a lot of questions that interest them as caring citizens. This includes greening the city, cleaning the lake in the Central Park and preserving its fullness, the state of the Bukpa River and many others.

We thank the head of the Center for Urban Studies Valeria Khasueva and senior architect Alexey Voloshin for a detailed introduction to the projects carried out by the center to improve the conditions of residents of our urban environment, the high professionalism that we felt in each answer to the question and the time given to us!

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