V International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern education: world trends and regional aspects”, Republic of Belarus


We invite you to take part in the V International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Education: World Trends and Regional Aspects” on November 6, 2019.

Institution of Education “Mogilev State Regional Institute of Education Development”.

Conference Problem Field

1. Regional aspects of the organization of work with teachers in the conditions of a modern educational institution (category of specialists: heads of educational institutions, specialists of educational and methodical rooms, heads of teachers’ methodical associations, teaching staff of educational development institutions).

2. 2. Modern preschool education: achievements and prospects for development.

3. Forms, methods, means and technologies for implementing educational standards in general secondary education.

4. Competent-oriented education: scientific and educational and methodological support in the conditions of basic and additional education.

5. Problems of support of students in the conditions of educational institution (category of specialists: teachers of general, additional, special education of children and youth, psychologists, defectologists, social teachers, tutors).

6. Organization of the educational space of an educational institution as a means of personal development of students.

Conference working languages: Belarusian, Russian and English.

Rules of Procedure: plenary report – up to 20 minutes, sectional report – up to 10 minutes.

Procedure for submission of materials for participation in the conference

Until 30.09.2019 inclusive it is necessary: 1. To fill in the Registration card (Press CTRL and click the link) of the participant;

2. Send to the organizing committee of the conference the electronic version of the text of the report to the e-mail address (kafedrapipmgoiro@yandex.ru) with the name of the author(s). The file name should include the author’s surname and the number of the problem field, for example, Ivanov_1;

3. Check your text at Rucontest (text.rucont.ru) and send a report on checking for loans in PDF. Texts of at least 70% originality are accepted for publication.

Requirements to materials: the article size – up to 3 full pages of A4 format, typed in Word editor (version not lower than 6.0) for Windows in 1 interval in Times New Roman 14 font. All fields (upper, lower, left and right) – 25 mm each. The first line – initials and surname of the author(s), city (alignment at the right edge). It is not allowed to align the text using the space character. Line by line – name of materials in capital letters. Text is also printed across the line (paragraph indent 1.25 cm). Drawings, charts and diagrams must be graphic (gradation through various hatchings). Photos and colour drawings are not accepted. Footnotes are given in square brackets in the text. After the main text there is a list of used sources in accordance with the requirements of the state standard for their bibliographic presentation.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select materials. Each participant of the conference presents only one material (personally or in co-authorship). Articles that do not meet the subject matter of the conference, the criteria of scientificity of the text or are not designed in accordance with the requirements, as well as those sent later 30.09.2019 are not considered and sent back.

Personal invitations will be sent to participants by November 1, 2019.

The organizational fee is transferred after notification of participants about the inclusion of materials in the conference program.

Amount of the organizational fee: approximate price for a collection of materials in paper form 26 Belarusian rubles (841 Russian rubles).

At the end of the conference participants will be issued a certificate (if there are several authors – one certificate of participation per author’s group).

The publication of the collection of scientific articles is planned before the conference.

Travel, meals, accommodation and publication of the collection is provided at the expense of the conference participants or sending organizations.


N.A. Ivanov (Mogilev)

List of sources used 1. ……………………………………………




Republic of Belarus, 212011, Mogilev, Beryozovsky per. 1 a,

E-mail: kafedrapipmgoiro@yandex.ru.

Conference Coordinators

Kogachevskaya Tatiana Ivanovna

telephone: +375 (29) 646 84 51

Avramenko Valentina Vasilyevna

phone +375 (29) 624 71 41

Conference Technical Secretaries

Soudoreva Tatiana Semenovna phone +375 (29) 749 49 42

Charitonova Olga Vladimirovna phone +375 (29) 381 76 85

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