The Department of general disciplines was established on 01.09.1999. The first head of the subdepartment was Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor Ya.A. Baykenzhin. Subsequently the subdepartment was headed by Associate Professor F.V. Rakhmanov, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A.S. Mirzabekova, Associate Professor A.Sh. Abikenova, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor N.A. Kazbekov, Candidate of Philosophy Professor K.N. Menlibayev. Since 2012 the Head of the Chair is Candidate of History, Associate Professor E.B. Kassenov.

In September 2009, the Department of Political Science was merged with the Department of General Education. Until 2015, the department was preparing students on specialties 5B050200-Political Science, 5B050204-Culturology.

Today the department conducts classes on all educational programs of the Academy, on disciplines of general educational cycle.

Classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers – professors, doctors and candidates of science, associate professors, masters. There are 1 doctor of sciences and 12 candidates of sciences, 6 masters working at the chair.

Kasenov Elaman Baltayevich, Head of the department.

Candidate of Historical Sciences associate professor

Head of the Department: Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Kasenov Elaman Baltaevich. In 2002, graduated from the Faculty of History of Buketov Karaganda State University, majoring in “History of Kazakhstan. In 2007, he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of historical sciences on specialty 07.00.09 – historiography, source and methods of historical research. The field of scientific interests – history of pre-revolutionary Kazakhstan, national-liberation struggle of the Kazakh people. Has published more than 70 scientific works in the field of history and ethnography of the Kazakh people.


Adambekov Yermekbai Kopbayevich – candidate of historical sciences, professor of “Bolashaq” academy. Honorary Education Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Akhmetova Sandugash Sovetovna – candidate of technical sciences, professor

Aupenova Aliya Ukuzhanovna – Master, Senior Lecturer

Baishulakov Zhanat Sayranovich – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Gruzina Elena Vladimirovna – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Academy.

Grigorchuk Irina Yurievna – senior lecturer.

Dikanbayeva Saira Alkeyevna – Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor.

Nabi Elikbayev – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences of RK.

Kasenov Elaman Baltayevich – candidate of historical sciences, associate professor

Kosmanova Asel Beisengazizovna – Master, Senior Lecturer

Kulpeisova Tamara Sekizhanovna – PhD in Philology, Associate Professor

Makazhanova Gulshat Bektasovna – master, senior teacher;

Mukushev Daniyar Dauletbaevich – senior teacher;

Omarova Altynay Tursunovna – master, senior teacher;

Trofimov Yakov Fedorovich – Candidate of Philosophy, Professor.

Ryspekova Balkiya Tusupbekovna – PhD in History, Associate Professor

Sattarova Farida Fattakhovna – PhD in philosophy, Associate Professor

Seitova Leyla Algamitovna – master, senior teacher

Khamit Urazbaev Kurentayevich – PhD in History, Associate Professor

Shashchanova Mayra Baliyevna – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Academy.

Sharipova Aigul Maksunovna – senior lecturer.