Practice 5-day seminar on Trello board, where the faculty create courses in taught disciplines, continues in an intensive manner.

The participants of the seminar open new convenient functions of the platform and recognize that Trello will really facilitate communication with students of all forms of education, as well as with master’s students.

At the moment, 12 boards have already been created, which will soon be introduced into academic process of “Bolashak” Academy.

Updated list of participants of the practical seminar:

Department of P&P: T.P. Smolkina, N.I. Khrapchenkova, T.K. Tukrenov, G.T. Talikova, A.A. Yessmagulova.

Department of I&Ya and MK: A.V. Osipovich, B.M. Ryssbek, E.T. Kalikova, M.A. Hwang, D.T. Ibrayeva, B.T. Rakhimbayeva.

Department of OOD: M.B. Shashanova, A.T. Omarova, A.U. Aupenova, E.Yu. Guseva.

Department of Kazakh language: R.N. Ismaylova, E.M. Yermagambetov.

Department of Finance: Z.K. Usuvalieva, P.N. Buzaubayeva.

Department of Pharmacy Disciplines: G.T. Murzaliyeva, A.K. Kaldybaeva, M.Yu. Ishmuratova.

Department of Legal Disciplines: A.A. Zhukobayev, N.S. Zhumzhumaev.

A.N. Kalizhanova, Director, Advanced Training Center “Bolashak” Academy

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