On September 12, 2018, under educational methodical seminar held jointly by the Center for Advanced Training of “Bolashak” Academy and Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication, the faculty were trained in the use of web-platform Trello and Edmodo with the aim of gradual and consistent transition to full-time and distance learning of students, as well as within the framework of expanding the opportunities for further training courses on the job.

Web-platforms Trello and Edmodo allow not only to establish continuous and timely feedback between the teacher and students, but also to expand the ability of teaching staff to create their own learning content is as easy to use as possible, as its creator and users.

Anna Kalizhanova, Director of Center for Advanced Training, “Bolashak” Academy, explained to the teachers of the department how to connect to web-platforms, to form groups of students, to systematize recommended and additional teaching aids and materials, to place various tasks with set deadlines and other step by step.

Center for Advanced Training plans to carry out systematic explanatory work throughout the academic year for all comers, so that in the next academic year, every teacher of “Bolashak” Academy confidently used all the variety of opportunities that offers distance learning, conveying their confidence and students.

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