Center of Advanced Training of Bolashak Academy in cooperation with the Institute of Retraining and Professional Development BILIM provides professional development services for pharmacy specialists (pharmaceutical workers). Services are provided in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the availability of a license for educational activities of the educational organization.

Professional development and retraining of medical workers is carried out in accordance with the order No. 691 dated 11.11.2009 “On approval of the Rules of professional development and retraining of medical and pharmaceutical personnel and qualification requirements for organizations implementing programs of additional medical and pharmaceutical education (with changes and additions from 29.05.2015, Order No. 433) and standard training programs (according to “Nomenclature of medical and pharmaceutical specialties” approved by the order of the Ministry of Health of RK No. 774 (as amended and supplemented by Order No. 1036 of 05.12.2016). The main purpose of additional education in the field of advanced training is to maintain and develop the professional level of qualification of pharmaceutical personnel to meet the needs of employers and consumers of pharmaceutical care. Educational activities of the Faculty of Advanced Training in the specialty “Pharmacy” is aimed at: 1) implementation of the program of additional education, 2) to achieve the improvement of skills and competence of pharmaceutical workers through the introduction of cumulative system of knowledge and skills. Training takes place in a remote format, without interruption, on the following educational programs:

The period of training is 15 calendar days. Individual form of training, regardless of the occupancy of the group. Training takes place on the website, the main thing is to have access to the Enternet network. You can study on the job in your spare time and at home, on the road, etc. You are not tied to a schedule when you study. Average duration of 4-5 hours per day at a convenient time for you. At the end of the training we will send you a certificate through Kazpost, the postman will personally bring it to you. In the course of training you study lecture material, practical material, perform tasks of CPC, pass final testing. Certificates issued by the Institute have legal force and are valid.

More detailed information can be found on the website in the section “Pharmacy and Training Rules”.

Required documents 1. application form is filled in on the website in section Pharmacy 2. copy of identity card 3. copy of diploma 4. copy of marriage certificate (in case of change of surname) 5. Certificate of payment 6. Reference from the place of work. Application and documents are provided in electronic format (scanned copies) to the e-mail address

Contact person: Zhilkin Valery Sergeyevich, tel. +7(700)450-08-23

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