Kazakhstanis are provided with free access to educational Internet resources

Kazakhstanis are provided with free access to educational Internet resources
Access to educational websites will be free. The relevant Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Rustem Bigari, Vice-Minister of Education and Science, Daryn Tuyakov, Vice-Minister of Digital Development, as well as the management of telecom operators such as Kazakhtelecom, Transtelecom, Kar-Tel, Kcell, Mobile Telecom Service, Astel.
In the near future, telecom operators will develop tariff plans/change the existing ones, providing college and university students with the opportunity to visit educational resources, which are used in distance learning, for free. That is, when using these sites, Internet traffic (megabytes) will not be written off from subscribers. For the period of declaration of a state of emergency, this measure is of particular importance, given the transition of educational institutions (universities and colleges) to distance learning.
Free access to Kazakhstan will be organized for educational resources recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of RK, with subsequent expansion of this list and increase of the list of Internet resources.
To visit these resources, the user must have a positive account balance. Information on the beginning of providing free access to educational resources will be placed on the websites of telecom operators.
Educational Internet resources, to which free access is provided during the emergency mode:
AIS “SOVA.WS” – http://sova.ws.
SMART community – http://smartedu.kz.
SMARTNATION – http://snation.kz
College.Snation – http://college.snation.kz
BilimLand – https://bilimland.kz/ru
AIS Bilimal http://college.bilimal.kz/
Paragraph Bilim – http://base.blm.kz
Kundelik.kz – https://portal.kundelik.kz/
AIS “Platonus” – http://platonus.kz.
BilimAl.kz https://www.bilimal.kz/
DALES – http://college.ektu.kz
Mektep.edu.kz – https://mektep.edu.kz/
I-mektep.kz – https://i-mektep.kz/.
Daryn.Online https://daryn.online/
AIS CollegeSmart Nation -https://college.snation.kz/
AIS Sirius http://somniumllp.com/project-sirius/
AIS Universal https://univer.kstu.kz/
IP Dean’s Office https://www.mmis.ru
PSU IP http://psu.kz/
Electronic rectorate http://nkzu.kz
EUniver http://euniver.vkgu.kz/
IS WKSTU https://www.ektu.kz/
MIT https://www.iitu.kz/
Uninet http://uninet.kz/
It should be noted that the list of Internet resources is expanding.

Source: https://www.inform.kz/

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